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Customer Success Stories

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“By combining the flexibility of IBM Planning Analytics and report delivery from ReportWORQ we’ve now enabled 300 people across the globe to be leaders of their brands and markets. Every day ReportWORQ distributes 6 sales forecasting and projection reports that enable our teams to adjust financial projections and make quick strategic decisions."

Bob Gill - Senior Manager, Planning Systems, Mark Anthony Group 

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"I needed to send 270 individual P&L reports to over 350 recipients. My challenge was to provide not only individual reports, but also summarized reports by Portfolios, Centre, Programs supporting transactional detail, as well as commentary on action items based on analysis of the data. ReportWORQ helped me take this chore from 5 days to just 30 minutes!!"

Andrea Beinat, System/Database Project Manager
- Barnardo’s Australia, Children’s Charity 

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“On a monthly basis, our team creates a 200-page financial briefing book for internal consumption by the executive team. The purpose is to highlight movements between actual, forecast, budget, and ratios as well as high-level commentary to the changes, allowing the executive staff to make informed decisions when managing the business. The report structure is very much constant with the data being the variable. With ReportWORQ, turnaround time for this deliverable has decreased considerably. Key to this success is the ability to make changes to the underlying data without having to recreate the document.”

- Director, Financial Technology Team & ReportWORQ customer since 2016 - AAA Northeast

Improve Your Reporting Process With ReportWORQ

ReportWORQ is your Enterprise Mail Merge system for Financial and Planning reporting.

You need a fast and error-proof way of sharing data after it has been collected, validated, and organized. 

ReportWORQ uses automation to help you quickly send out accurate and engaging reports. With ReportWORQ, you can integrate with different systems and reach recipients through a variety of delivery channels.

Diverse Support

Automate and accelerate your daily, weekly, and monthly reporting processes and send reports in the formats you prefer. ReportWORQ supports data sources, such as:

  • Workday Adaptive Planning (OfficeConnect)
  • IBM Planning Analytics (PAfE)
  • Anaplan
  • Any ODBC relational database

Out-of-the-box support for these planning systems means you can use your existing Excel-based reports without any additional work.

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Data Enablement

ReportWORQ makes it easy for non-finance-savvy recipients to engage with reports by supporting many delivery channels to reach them where they are. You can even include high-level summaries directly in the email message, including:

  • Eye-catching graphs
  • Dynamic commentary
  • Callouts for items requiring review

Built-in configurability ensures recipients receive accurate information for areas of the business that they own.

Built for Finance

ReportWORQ was designed and built specifically to help professionals in Finance enable and impress the organization with relevant information tailored to how the business should be managed. ReportWORQ doesn’t require:

  • Complex scripting
  • Costly services
  • IT involvement

Think of ReportWORQ as a simple mail-merge system that works directly with your existing reports and planning system.


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