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ReportWORQ: Reporting Automation Built to Scale

Our Story

In 2011, ReportWORQ was born to fulfill a crucial need for IBM Planning Analytics customers. Which was to get financial and operational data efficiently and cost-effectively in the hands of the people who make the business run. ReportWORQ picked up where planning systems left off, and has since extended to provide the same value add for other systems such as Anaplan, Workday Adaptive Planning, Oracle & SQL based ODBC systems.

At ReportWORQ, we build lasting relationships with our customers. We believe that our clients’ problems are our problems, and we always go above and beyond expectations to ensure success. The ReportWORQ team makes time for the customers we work with and adapts to the needs of companies across the world. We are proud that our customers say we are like no other vendor they have ever worked with.

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Meet Our Team

Our leadership team empathizes with your business challenges, allowing them to deliver personalized service. Learn more about our great team of experts and what they bring to ReportWORQ by reading the following bios.

Leo Cohen, General Manager

Bringing 15 years of sales leadership experience, Leo Cohen will focus on broadening ReportWORQ's reach and solidifying its go-to-market strategy. As GM, Leo stands at the intersection between product development, marketing, sales, and customer success ensuring that these functions are connected in driving ReportWORQ's growth. His career is distinguished by a consistent record of accelerating revenue growth, building high-performing sales teams, and launching new enterprise software solutions into competitive markets. First starting out as a Financial Planning and Analysis professional, Leo's domain expertise spans across Planning, Business Intelligence, and Predictive Modeling. He is passionate about cultivating a culture of excellence and innovation and is a staunch believer that ReportWORQ's journey has only just begun.

Andrew Weiss, Product & Solution Management

Andrew Weiss, Director of Solutions and Product Management, brings over 20 years of Software Engineering, Cognos Application Development, and Leadership expertise to ReportWORQ. Andrew is responsible for growing the software arm of the business, including designing infrastructure, developing direct and indirect sales channels, and managing a roadmap. Andrew believes that delivering impeccable customer service is top priority and the method for which to measure success.

Matt Hopkins, Senior Software Engineer

Matthew Hopkins, Senior Software Engineer, has over 15 years of Software Development Leadership in Financial Planning and Reporting. Matthew is driven to make every customer successful through direct collaboration. He is responsible for delivering high-quality applications for customers and creating exceptional automation tools to enhance the services delivered by the consulting team.

Reg Angel, Quality Control Consultant

Reg Angel, Quality Control Consultant, has over 20 years of Quality Control experience in the software industry. While at Cognos and IBM, he focused on testing and automation for Cognos Finance, Cognos Planning, Cognos Office Connection, and Cognos Analysis for Excel. Reg is known for being a team player and always putting the customers’ needs first. At QueBIT, Reg supports the development team by ensuring that every release gets better and better.

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