Capstone Logistics Case Study

Streamlining the Budgeting & Reporting Process for a Leading Supply Chain Company using ReportWORQ

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The Challenge

With 11 Vice Presidents and 65 Directors across the country, travel expenses related to in person planning meetings were high, manual data entry had become time consuming, and the process required significant effort from the leadership team.

The Solution

The Capstone team decided to move forward with the implementation. ReportWORQ was up and running in a little over a week with automated financial reporting for each business unit.

The Benefit

The implementation of ReportWORQ automated the production and distribution reporting for each of Capstone’s business units.

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About Capstone Logistics

Capstone Logistics is a leading North American supply chain solutions partner with more than 600 operating locations, 20,000 associates, and 60,000 carriers. Capstone has capabilities in freight management, warehouse and distribution center support, last-mile delivery, supply chain analytics, and optimization, and more. With integrated, end-to-end logistics solutions, Capstone is uniquely positioned to help partners reduce warehousing and transportation costs.

The Challenge

In the fall of 2022, Capstone began evaluating ways to streamline its planning and budgeting processes. With 11 Vice Presidents and 65 Directors across the country, the Capstone team relied on time consuming manual data entry which required significant time investments from the leadership team to finalize and distribute. In all, the budgeting process took several weeks to complete. The Capstone team was looking for a better solution that would scale with their growing business.

Watch to see how ReportWORQ helped Capstone streamline their financial reporting.

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"ReportWORQ’s data collection has allowed us to involve the directors in the budgeting process in a way that we haven’t been able to in the past, which is resulting in a more granular and accurate budget"

-- Finance Manager

Delivering the Solution

Having learned of ReportWORQ’s automation for report distribution and data collection, the Capstone team met with the ReportWORQ customer success team to explore the product. Excited to learn about the automation and accuracy ReportWORQ would provide their executives, the Capstone team decided to move forward with the implementation. Our ReportWORQ solution was deployed in a week and provided automated financial reporting to each business unit seamlessly.

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