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Cost-Efficient Reporting Automation & Delivery

ReportWORQ accelerates and automates the creation and delivery of reports. Automation frees your employees to focus on more rewarding high-skill tasks that are worthy of their pay grade. With no user-based licensing or implementation as well as a low-cost subscription, ReportWORQ delivers high ROI.


Accelerated Reporting Processes

ReportWORQ speeds up reporting processes through out-of-the-box support for the planning systems and data sources you already use.


Built for Finance

ReportWORQ simplifies budget contribution by automating data collection providing fast, reliable results. This makes it ideally designed for finance teams looking to save on planning system licensing costs.


Enhanced Security

Increase your security measures by integrating reporting with trusted platforms, such as Google Drive and SharePoint, and taking advantage of secure storage for reports.

Key Benefits & Features

Dynamic Dashboards

ReportWORQ’s rich and dynamic  dashboards provide users with clear and timely financial data. Embed personalized dashboards in the body of your emails to engage recipients. Include dynamic commentary alongside visualizations and financials to engage executive leadership.

Dynamic Email Dashboards

Automate Reporting

ReportWORQ provides an integrated solution for automating PowerPoint presentations and Excel-based reporting to save your company time and minimize human error. Users can move data into PowerPoint to create truly dynamic presentations.

Leverage your existing templates or create new ones to generate briefing books, personalized P&L statements, and much more.

Key Benefits 2- Streamline Reporting_v2

Streamline Plan Contribution

ReportWORQ makes collecting data and planning simple and efficient, saving your company time and effort. Automation eliminates manual tasks, such as copying templates and transposing data. Our user-friendly interface, easy-to-use forms, and guided instructions give you more control over data collection and planning without costly additional planning contributor licenses.

With ReportWORQ, you'll not only plan faster but also achieve a more detailed and accurate business plan.

Key Benefits 3 - Optimize Data_v2

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