ReportWORQ Pricing

Cost-Efficient Reporting Automation and Delivery

ReportWORQ is cost efficient and delivers more return on your investment because of our licensing model. We get data in the hands of users without the need to buy additional licenses.
ReportWORQ doesn’t demand a per-user cost. No matter how many people use ReportWORQ at your company, it costs the same.
Return on investment (ROI) scales tremendously because of the value in automating reporting and delivery processes using robotic process automation (RPA). The alternative is using highly paid employees to perform basic tasks, an option that is neither reliable nor scalable.
ReportWORQ reporting automation creates value through efficiency, quality, and savings.

Cost Savings With ReportWORQ

No Per User Fees

No Additional Implementation Costs Required

Low-Cost Subscription Licensing

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“Using ReportWORQ we now have over a dozen daily reports that are distributed via email immediately as data becomes available with dynamic commentary to call attention to key themes. We estimate 75 person-hours saved monthly and growing.​”

- Director FP&A | ReportWORQ customer since 2020​